Helping Make Life Easier

We appreciate the difficulties faced by someone living in a property that hasn't been adapted to suit their needs and that even small changes can have life changing affects for the person living with that disability.


We have experience of evaluating both residential and commercial properties and making recommendations on what changes can be made to aid a person based on their specific needs and also actioning these changes.

We provide a range of Adaptation services including:-

  • Wetrooms
  • Bathroom adaptations
  • Widening of doorways
  • Installation of ramps
  • Installation of grabrails

...and many more!


Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements or arrange a free no obligation visit.

Adapting your bathroom for a disability

One of the main areas of difficulty faced by someone with a disability living in an unadapted property is in the bathroom.


There are a number of things that can be changed in order to make it easier for a disabled person to use the room as independently as possible. Some of these include:-


  • grab rails for the shower or bath
  • non-slip flooring
  • hand held shower
  • hoists
  • specialist baths for easier access i.e. with a door
  • wetrooms
  • specialist toilets with raised level seats

...and many more!


Obviously what you get done will depend on the space you have and budget but even some minor changes can make a huge difference to a persons independence. 


Your local authority or NHS occupational theraphy service will usually offer a home visit to come and assess your needs and they can often provide you with certain items that will help free of charge such as raised toilet seats to fit over your existing toilet.


Obviously the NHS have limited resources and money so if you would like work carrying out additional to what the NHS can provide then please contact us and we can come and assess your needs and make recommendations on what work could be done for your budget.

We are pleased to announce the launch on Prestige Roofs dedicated to providing replacement tiled conservatory roofs, windows and doors. Please visit our seperate website for further information.

Proud Members of....

Prestige Driveways

We are pleased to announce Prestige Driveways by Connella Ltd.


We offer a range of driveway and patio finishes including block paving, imprinted concrete and flags and can provide you with a beautiful new driveway or patio to compliment your home.

We also offer a professional cleaning service should your existing driveway or patio just need reviving.


Our cleaning service can bring life back into the dirtiest of surfaces.

Please see our Driveways page for more information or contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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